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Recall: simple life of an 80’s child

I remembered when asked to tell a story of my childhood in a ValuesEd class in high school with Ms. Ferarren, a classmate of mine commented that it was like in Tom Sawyer’s – my story. Truly, my childhood escapades were quite comparable to that of Tom Sawyer’s adventurous and truant undertakings. Growing in a barangay of a small town and in a small island, I had all the opportunity to explore and discover, and to engage in quite hazardous child’s play. In contrast, back to the high school ValuesEd class, my close friend’s childhood was quite confined to the limits of the four corners of a concrete wall that normally surrounds a house in the city. She practically grew up with hundreds of books and toys – almost all kind of toys. Me and my sibs grew up with a simple life, very seldom do we have a plastic toy. However, the beauty of a simple life is that as a child, the world is your toy. You observe, discover and create. My brothers were quite craftsmen and inventors, me I watch and imitate, and frequently almost have my fingers cut. My sister was already a young lady during that time and had different interests.

From these childhood memories that I so treasure, I am inspired to write down those memories in this blog. Specifically, I would feature the games that we played, the toys we invented, and any contraptions and accoutrement made of indigenous materials that we played with. I wish to represent them as much as possible in the best way with my own sketches. I would have loved to do them in Visio or some other neat drawings but I really got none of those now. So as a starter, here’s a sample of a ┬árough sketch. This will be featured on its own sometime.


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