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Mojito is probably the freshest highball I’ve ever tasted. A highball by the way is what they call of mixed drinks that contain a lesser proportion of an alcoholic base spirit (rum, vodka, gin, etc.) over that of the mixer. A traditional mojito contains white rum, sugar, lime, mint and carbonated water; served on the rocks garnished with lime and a sprig of mint.

What I had in the fridge are quite not the traditional ingredients, but would surely do as a modification. Except for the mint, I substituted the other ingredients.

Semi-Mojito Recipe

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

  • 1 lemon – cubed divided into 2
  • 6 sprigs of mint/2
  • 50 ml Absolute lemon vodka (or whatever you have) each
  • 100 ml Sprite each
  • a few ice cubes

In a glass, mash together lemon slices and mint sprigs to release the juices of the lemon and the essential oils of the lemon rind and mint leaves. This can be achieved with a muddler or a wooden pestle. Add in the vodka and ice.Pour over the sprite. Serve with a straw.



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