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Taking notes at a NatGeo program?

Having been immersed in science ever since I learned how to read – grew up with Grolier’s encyclopedia, went to a science high school and pursued an undergraduate and masters field in science – pretty much, I am a huge science buff. Thus follows my extreme fascination with The National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. I could watch these shows for an entire day and still not having enough of it. Dang, I even actually took notes a couple of times! Yep, if I were Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s student, he would be very satisfied, would even give me a star. 🙂

Below is an example of a NatGeo topic I noted, and later made into an assignment. Good thing my housemate is an extremely quick and intelligent geek, he never failed to answer and even illustrate my inquiries in an instant, in a very scholarly manner, just like a professor.

I got so fascinated and amazed with Sea Launch, an extremely high-tec platform in the middle of the Pacific for launching satellites such as DirectTV, PanAmSat, and some satellite phone providers.

Here’s an instant illustrated lecture of my housemate when asked about the distance in which for example a boat would drop from a line of sight or horizon. This is in relation to the topic above regarding satellite orbiting the earth; and  the distance in which the earth curves to a certain degree.

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