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My search for the perfect notebook

Ever since I was a kid, I have this predilection for nice, clean, and smooth writing surface. My mother would scold me for being wasteful and disorganized, because I would tend to write on a new, perfectly smooth and fresh page.  I would skip writing at the back and the following page which would have dents and traces from the heavy pencil writing. Growing up, I have changed, to be not wasteful of precious pages that is. In fact, I have the tiniest handwriting that would fill every empty surface of a page. I’d even divide the note page into two columns to maximize the space. However, my fancy for smooth and clean (with a nice scent is a plus) writing surface is still there. In fact, it has become quite a bad habit. I would buy nice stationeries, diaries and journal notebooks, sketch pads, and tiny notepads. I really fancy those clean-looking Japanese and Korean notebooks that has dainty cartoon drawings, regardless of the tag lines that do not make sense at all. I’d probably write on the first few pages, and then nothing more. They would just lie there in my plastic stationery box. I haven’t been really a diligent scribe that writes a daily journal. I do write lists however in bullet form, on important events or things of the day. And supposedly, I would transcribe these bulleted summaries to a journal entry, into those nice crispy pages… but I haven’t really.
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