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graphing paper + bus + Gimp

I’ve been practicing with Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program), a share software for image editing. I haven’t got hold of Adobe Photoshop yet, so I’m starting over with Gimp – I like the sound of it /gimp/. I’ve been doing my sketches manually and I am so intimidated by Adobe Illustrator. I feel like a total moron the moment I open it. I’m still starting with Gimp and I have no idea if I can draw vectors with it as easily as Visio – how I missed Visio. So out of frustration, I bought a graphing paper and drew my sketch, took a picture of it, and did some rendering with Gimp. And there goes my “Hop on, hop off” bus… a bit disproportioned and out of perspective. Next time, I’ll draw a flat cartoon, this way I don’t have to worry about being disfigured. So much for the graphing paper.


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