…so many things to do,

so little time.It would be nice to start writing

things down, to remind

us that we are actually given ample time

to make do with ourselves… the rest are all

matter of choices.

I have only very recently jumped on the bandwagon that is blogging. I found out that it’s therapeutic. In fact, it can pass as a substitute for friends. Like friends, it brings out your old happy memories, bottle-bottom pains and depression, inspires your creativity, and sometimes, wear you out.

These days, I have a lot of time to spare in my hands. I am quite actually busy, doing nothing. Things turned out not the way I expected them to happen. Well thing is, nothing actually happened. Up until now, I am still waiting for replies of the applications I submitted for yet another degree. I decided to stay put and focused on waiting. In consequence, I’ve turned down really good job offers, which of course, [among other things in my life] I truly regret. And now, I am so under-employed and making the best of it.  At the moment, my main occupation is doing “nothing”. By “nothing” means writing things down, recollecting childhood memories, reconnecting with my inner artist – painting, faux photography, cybertraveling, geeking out, going to the beach, watching sunset, malling, experimenting at the kitchen, studying, working out, e-windowshopping, lookbooking, “wikieng” . . . etcetera. All these constitute this blog. I am neither a writer nor an illustrator, but I am trying my best to share  these tiny stories of my life to the best of my artistic capability.


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