musings on Feb. 14 . . . continued.

9:00 am

Sharing laughs and indulging in pure silliness are things that you could look back at any moment and find yourself smiling — be they with your special someone, high school friends, college roommates, or even with your ex. Today is heart’s day. I slept the night and woke up this morning repeating in my head that today is just another date in the calendar. I felt guilty for not having the enthusiasm that this day deserves. So I spent a few minutes to pause and ponder over a cup of coffee the past events in my life. I sort of made a mental mind map with the figure of a heart being at the center. Lots of memories are popping out like when you are starting to see the image taking shape in an autostereogram (3D picture). Clarity came, and I started smiling.

Here’s one silly story that just played in my mind and made me laugh out loud: (oops… actually, I forgot the details, better have it retold over a dinner date tonight, something to laugh about at the table).

. . . to be countinued.

2:00 pm

. . . by the way, my mind map looks something like this but more complicated and a lot more colorful.


. . . still to be continued.


February 15

So here goes the story (that has been repeated countless of times during dinner and get-together of friends, and repeated yet again when having had too much alcohol):

There’s this girl who’s aside from being beautiful is also intelligent, smart and funny (kind of a sexy geek). As expected in a predictable social context wherein these traits are deemed outstanding, the girl of course was one of the most sought-after bachelorette in town. From the pool of suitors, two were given the opportunity to prove themselves further to deserve the exclusive attention of Supergirl (let’s call her Supergirl). These two guys are really great guys; both are dependable and have excellent looks, demeanor and acumen. One is a newly-pledged doctor and the other is an engineer. Supergirl couldn’t seem to decide between the two. So she decided to choose the one who is the smartest. During the course of the rivals’ courtship, the doctor has to go away for a medical mission, to his disadvantage in the pursuit of Supergirl. The doctor being wise and determined, gave a gift to Supergirl that would substitute his absence and remind her of his “presence” despite being far away. The gift is a complete set of medical kit, with an electronic sphygmomanometer, thermometer, painkillers, etc . Supergirl was delighted of the gift’s practicality. Being stressed out from frequent overtime at work in the lab., his gift is just what she needed. The time came when it was the engineer’s turn to be away. He was to be sent-off for an offshore assignment for 2 weeks. The engineer was quite concerned of his forthcoming absence, especially that there’s no cellular network at the offshore rig. He must think of a way to keep Supergirl from falling entirely to the doctor. Before he left, he gave her a gift. It was a big box. Supergirl opened it with great surprise. At that instant, the girl declared that she has chosen. The engineer went away with joy and triumph in his heart and an utmost excitement of coming back into his Supergirl’s arms.


What’s inside the box that made Supergirl chose the engineer?


14 apples



. . .The End. . .


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