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musings on Feb. 14 . . . continued.

9:00 am

Sharing laughs and indulging in pure silliness are things that you could look back at any moment and find yourself smiling — be they with your special someone, high school friends, college roommates, or even with your ex. Today is heart’s day. I slept the night and woke up this morning repeating in my head that today is just another date in the calendar. I felt guilty for not having the enthusiasm that this day deserves. So I spent a few minutes to pause and ponder over a cup of coffee the past events in my life. I sort of made a mental mind map with the figure of a heart being at the center. Lots of memories are popping out like when you are starting to see the image taking shape in an autostereogram (3D picture). Clarity came, and I started smiling.
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