Houses I Live/d.

Houses I Live/d.

As soon as I inserted the picture above, it came to my senses that I totally missed out the houses where I spent most of my unforgettable childhood memories – our tiny house in Barangay 1 – built by our Papang, the Bahay Kubo in Manduao built by Balolo, and the house of Lolo Dodoy and Lola Minang where we (3 children)  sent to board in Looc, Catarman.  In my twenty-something years of life, these are the “houses” (also include dorms) that sheltered my existence; where I played as a child, grew as a teenager, and learned to live on my own as an adult. I wonder how many could there be more in the future, I hope not a lot.





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2 responses to “Houses I Live/d.

  1. nice gie, you must be so nostalgic while doing this. Brilliant, i like it, super.:)

  2. Thanks Jo! yep, super nostalgic. 🙂

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